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Car Share. Bike Share. Transit. Shuttles. And More.


Bicycling is an easy and inexpensive way to make exercise part of your daily commute. Bikes are allowed on all Bay Area buses and ferries and most rail lines, and most buses are equipped with bike racks. With 45 miles of bikeways, San Mateo is an excellent place to ride a bicycle, whether for leisure or work.

For help navigating the Peninsula by bicycle, check out these resources:

For recommended leisure biking options, check out these locations:

  • Enjoy fresh air next to Crystal Springs Reservoir with the Sawyer Camp Trail. Distance from the south entrance to the north entrance: 6 miles.
  • Grab lunch downtown and ride to Central Park to visit San Mateo’s very own Japanese Tea Garden. Distance from San Mateo Caltrain Station to Central Park: .5 miles.
  • A major pedestrian/bicycle connection for the region, the 345-mile San Francisco Bay Trail traverses the entire shoreline in San Mateo, providing scenic views of the Bay. Distance from Ryder Park to Coyote Point Park: 2 miles.