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Car Share. Bike Share. Transit. Shuttles. And More.



San Mateo has many different commute options available, but did you know carpooling is now easier than ever!  Some of us have commutes that require driving instead of taking public transport and carpooling is now more flexible and less time consuming than in the past.

There are many new carpooling services and mobile apps that can cut the cost of commuting in half and save wear and tear on your car. Plus, you will help the environment and minimize traffic by getting another car off the road.  These services work with your schedule because you can use it once a day, once a week, or both ways every day.

Visit to view the list of services and downloadable apps currently offering carpool services in San Mateo and start saving time and money –


Vanpooling is a great option for people with longer commutes. Vanpools usually comprise seven to 15 people who commute together daily in a van. Vanpools are more formal than carpools, with one person often serving as the driver/coordinator and riders sharing the cost of operating the vanpool. Vanpool members agree on their schedule, rules and pick-up locations, which can include Park & Ride lots or shopping centers.

To learn more about vanpooling or to sign up, visit even offers incentives for carpooling and vanpooling. Check to see if you are eligible!